As we move deeper
into this mysterious river, I pray
that we do not turn every
thing we touch into us,

that we help each other listen more
deeply than we have ever listened,

that we baptize each other
with what we find there

that we heal each other's
blindnesses by pouring love like
water on each other's eyes

and that walking in this way,
we make the unseen breath of God
visible, the way that wind can only
lift a tree that has grown in the open.

--from Mark Nepo's The Exquisite Risk

Since once again, Lord, ...I have neither bread nor wine nor altar, I will raise myself beyond these symbols,
up to the pure majesty of the real itself; I, your priest, will make the whole earth my altar and on it will offer you
all the labors and suffering of the world.
--from Teilhard de Chardin's Mass on the World

Cookie Poem by Jeff Gundy
The children of God, imagined as cookies.

Perhaps the World Ends Here by Joy Harjo
About the significance of the dining table; could signify the communion table.

Bread by Linda Pastan
A poem about bread.

Ode to Bread by Pablo Neruda
An ode to bread is an ode to justice.

Autumn Communion by Gladys Cromwell
The ritual of communion is revitalized by the natural energy and beauty of autumn.