Sometimes I go about pitying myself,
and all the time I am being carried
on great wings
across the sky.
--Ojibwe Saying

I think that this experience you are having of losing your faith, or as you think, of having lost it, is an experience that in the long run
belongs to faith; or at least it can belong to faith if faith is still valuable to you, and it must be, or you would not have written me
about this. I don't know how the kind of faith required of a Christian living in the 20th century can be at all if it is not grounded
on this experience that you are having right now of unbelief. This may be the case always and not just in the 20th century.
Peter said, "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief." It is the most natural and most human and most agonizing prayer in the gospels,
and I think it is the foundation prayer of faith.
--from Flannery O'Connor's letter to Alfred Corn, 1962

What We Need Is Here by Wendell Berry
Consider the lilies...

Fire by Judy Brown
Fire needs both wood and space to burn; perhaps a metaphor for the inextricable connection between faith and doubt.

Instructions by Sheri Hostetler
Pare your beliefs down to a few to find the lightness of faith.

Hope by Lisel Mueller
Hope is manifested in blooms and soil and the poet herself, speaking.

Faith by David Whyte
The very first slivers of faith.

A Brief for the Defense by Jack Gilbert
Seeing both beauty and suffering in the world.

Sadness by Michael Blumenthal
The inevitability of sadness, and the possibility of resilience.

The Healing Time by Pesha Gertler
A simple praise for the way that stumbles are part of the journey.

In A Dark Time by Theodore Roethke
The dark night of the soul.

Trying to Ripen by Linda Gregg
A piece that exquisitely captures the holiness of Absence.

At the Smithville Methodist Church by Stephen Dunn
Parents' cynicism is so slightly challenged by a young daughter's week at Bible school.

Trust by Thomas R. Smith
"And sometimes you sense how faithfully your life was delivered, even though you can't read the address."

Credo by Denise Levertov
Doubt and faith are interwoven; the smallest mote restores a kind of faith.

Threshold by R.S. Thomas
Is it doubt or is it faith that, sensing an abyss, still reaches out its hand.

What to Do with Words by Julia Hartwig
The poet reflects on the troubling concept of eternity.