Grace makes beauty out of ugly things.
Grace finds beauty in everything.
Grace finds goodness in everything.
--U2, Grace
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I had grasped God's garment in the void
but my hand slipped
on the rich silk of it.
The "everlasting arms" my sister loved to remember
must have upheld my leaden weight
from falling, even so,
for though I claw at empty air and feel
nothing, no embrace,
I have not plummeted.
--Suspended, by Denise Levertov

Grace Abounding by William Stafford
Grace is not large and dramatic.

I Am Praying Again by Rainer Maria Rilke
Out of the depths, I cry to you.

Wild Geese by Mary Oliver
The earth IS grace.

Otherwise by Jane Kenyon
Every ordinary day is grace.

You and Art by William Stafford
Especially relevant is the first stanza.

First Lesson by Philip Booth
A father-daughter swimming lesson is also a lesson on trust and grace.

from The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare
Portia's speech: "The quality of mercy is not strain'd; it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath."

It's the Dream by Olav Hauge
A beautifully simple illustration of the inclination toward hope.

The Healing Time by Pesha Gertler
Celebrating the wrong turns that eventually lead to the right place.

Sometimes by Sheenagh Pugh
We expect things to go from bad to worse; sometimes, goodness intervenes.

To Live in the Mercy of God by Denise Levertov
Grace and mercy presented as lively and vibrant, like a waterfall.