How confidently the desires
of God are spoken of!
Perhaps God wants
something quite different.
Or nothing, nothing at all.
---from Denise Levertov's The Tide

Only in our doing can we grasp you by Rainer Maria Rilke
The omnipresence of God.

New Religion by Bill Holm
Imagining God in the deep sea.

Marfa by Linda Gregg
Sensing the absence, imagining what God might be.

Briefly It Enters and Briefly Speaks by Jane Kenyon
A beautiful imagination of the "I Am" everywhere, in everything.

Morning Mist by Denise Levertov
"God is imaged as well or better in the white stillness resting everywhere..."

The Rowing Endeth by Anne Sexton
Leave it to Anne Sexton to imagine playing poker with God, who wins with an unpredictable wild card.

Idiot Psalm 12 by Scott Cairns
A prayer to a paradoxical God for a glimpse of understanding.

What To Do with Words by Julia Hartwig
The poet wrestles with the abstract nature of "eternity."

What Song Should We Sing? by Jack Gilbert
An unusual collection of images clusters around the line, "What is the other face of Yahweh?"