The strong have no need of a doctor.
But the sick do.
I came not to call on the just, but on the stumblers.
--Mark 2:17, as translated by Willis Barnstone in The Poems of Jesus Christ
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Maybe by Mary Oliver
Subversive Jesus.

Salvator Mundi: Via Crucis by Denise Levertov
Imagining Jesus, in his humanity, wanting to step back from the path to the cross.

At the Smithville Methodist Church by Stephen Dunn
Parents' cynicism is so slightly challenged by a young daughter's week at Bible school.

To Him that Was Crucified by Walt Whitman
Whitman, with his typical exalted language and cadence, praises the transcendent, universal message of Jesus (without invoking his name).

When Howard became Jesus by Charles Ghigna
A young boy declares in a football huddle that he is Jesus; his young friends pray it isn't true.